Wednesday, January 12, 2011

a wise man in the family...

griffin was thrilled when he found out he was
going to be a wise man in the 1st grade Christmas play!
 nana went to work making him a beautiful costume,
and griffin helped decorate his fancy collar!
getting ready for the big performance...
i sneaked back to snap his picture before he walked out!
 with his camel that he led to the stage...
he was very serious during his walk to the stage! 
 i had a hard time getting many pictures of him on stage...
yea!!  all done and they did a great job!
griffin with caleb, one of the other wise men!
griffin and his friend, will
after the performance, we went to his classroom to visit!
granny and papa dave with the wise man!
with nana (poppy had just left)
 mommy and daddy were so proud of him!

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