Monday, January 10, 2011

celebrating three years...

on collier's actual birthday we went to one of her favorite places...
...the mall!
 she LOVES to ride the carousel!
 her friend, nathan, was there to make it even more fun!
 later that day we all went to California Pizza Kitchen
for a fun birthday dinner!
 a HUGE brownie sundae to celebrate...
 her favorite present that we got her is a baby doll that "drinks" a bottle and takes a paci (you know it's reminded me of the good ol' days of her actually sleeping when she had the paci :)
 my sweet girl.
she is my little sidekick...attached to me at all times.
she would rather help me cook, put on my make up, etc.
than go play with her toys.
but, she takes such care of her baby dolls.
i have been amazed at how God has given
her such a nurturing spirit.
she not only takes great care of her baby dolls,
but she also tries to take care of our family...
...sometimes the boys appreciate it :)
when she really wants their attention she'll say, "grittin davis!"
don't know where she learned the "use the full name" trick :)
she is very tall...the 80th percentile, and
her feet are extremely long (size 11) but very skinny--
makes it a little difficult to find shoes that fit well.
she has a strong spirit and always wants her way,
and we have had many sleeping showdowns
since the paci left the building.
she loves pink and any kind of art project.
she is so very loving and affectionate, and
she is capable of melting my heart in an instant.
here's a few pics we took of her a couple months ago...

happy birthday, princess!
i love you so!!!


Langleys Mom said...

Collier sounds so much like Langley! Love her dress and the outdoor pics! Precious!

Allison said...

Nathan is just happy he lived through that carousel experience! The dress looks so pretty with her eyes! Great pics.