Monday, January 3, 2011

collier's adopt-a-baby party!!!

our sweet girl celebrated her 3rd birthday on november 29,
and there was no doubt we had to include her
LOVE of babies in her celebration, so we had an
adopt-a-baby party at an adorable little doll shop...
it started with a "glitter ceremony" where she got
to sprinkle each of her sweet guests with glitter...
next, they each put on little doctor coats...
...and we walked to the "nursery"
each of the little girls got to pick out a baby from the nursery...
and the birthday girl brought it out to them...

collier was very proud of her new addition!
after they each had a baby we all sat on the rug
and they each gave their babies a "dr. check up"
they listened to their babies' hearts, measured them,
took their temperatures, etc...
then they brought their babies to the stage
to sing them a lullaby...
collier chose "Jesus loves me"
and it was absolutely precious to watch them
sing to their little babies!
then they each came up and i wrote the name
they chose for their baby on a little birth certificate
and we took their picture with their baby
in an adorable pink chair!
then the girls played around in the store for a little while...

then, they put their babies in their little strollers
(i asked them to bring them)
and we walked to get ice cream!
collier loved picking out her toppings...
her daddy helped her load it up!

the male relatives, who went elsewhere during
the baby doll portion of the party,
joined us for ice cream!!
collier loves her nana!!
aunt nanette and elise

it was a joy for me to see my sweet girl have such a special day...
with her love for babies and all things sweet,
i think it was the perfect party for her!

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jessica said...

What a FUN idea! You always have the greatest birthday parties!