Thursday, June 24, 2010


We slipped in a quick trip to Destin before the oil hits the most beautiful water and beaches in the world...sigh.   As usual, I took a bazillion pictures, but I'm having lazy summer brain and don't feel like organizing them in any way, so this disheveled post will have to do!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Happy Father's Day! (and some randomness)

Happy Father's Day to an awesome Daddy!!
Side Note:  Teachers are really steppin it up these days...
I can't get over all the crafty end of the yr goodies they give the kids!
Here's an adorable bug jar Anderson got--
it had this precious poem in it about why God made lightning bugs...
Collier's teachers made each of the kids a little scrapbook with pictures from the year
 and a trivet with her handprint.
Griffin's teacher made them a scrapbook too--
I can't imagine all the time these things took! 
Can you tell I'm thinking as a former teacher? 
I guess it makes me really appreciate them :)
Last bit of randomness...I recently found this little "Goody" at has a gel handle and it actually makes the 27 minutes it takes to dry my hair like a massage for my hand!  If you have a lot of hair that takes 27 minutes to dry, I'd totally recommend it!!!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Jump, Ride, Flip, Dive!

We spent a very fun weekend at the lake
with Granny and Papa Dave. 
The weather was less than perfect and I'm a big time wimp when it comes to cold water, so I held tight to the camera to make sure I didn't get thrown in. I took a gazillion pictures and my plan worked perfectly until a quick moment of weakness on our last day. My precious husband took advantage of this moment and smiled so big as he pushed me in. The kids thought it was hysterical.
No picture of that.
The kids rode in/
jumped off
the little green fishing boat.
Griffin perfected his flip off the Super Mable...

Anderson learned to drive the kayak by himself...
Will someone please tell these two they are NOT allowed to keep growing like this??? 
Collier loved swimming with her Daddy and thought splashing him was especially hysterical.
If only Anderson looked at all like his daddy...

We've now come to the "Jumping Extravaganza" part of the post...otherwise known as "Michael's Funny Face Portfolio" :)
We giggled so hard at those...
Griffin loved for Michael to hold him as high as possible and throw him in...
Granny and Papa Dave's sweet neighbor offered to take all three kids on a Sea-Doo ride!

We had a great time, PD and Granny, thanks for inviting us!!
28 Pictures in one that a record??  :)