Saturday, December 25, 2010

boy stuff...

Back in November, Poppy took Michael and the boys
to Tuscaloosa in the camper to tailgate and go to a game...
they L-O-V-E riding in the camper!!
(and, you'll notice we were still enjoying anderson's haircut :)
 When they got there Friday and set up they met some new friends
and the boys struck up a football game--of course!
 The next day the campus was full of life and activities...
 They had inflatables and all sorts of things for the kids to do...
 Both of them climbed this rock wall!
 The beautiful sunset over Denny Chimes...
(you know I had to ask Michael what that was :)
Poppy and the boys outside the stadium...
have I mentioned before how incredible Poppy is?
He is one of the amazing ways
God has illustrated His grace in my life,
and to watch my children be blessed by him as well
is more than I could ask for. 
The players' walk from the bus to the stadium...
 The boys had an awesome time and loved the entire game,
which didn't even start until 6 PM!
 And here are just a couple random shots Michael caught
of the boys playing pirates in the backyard...
another one of their favorite activities!

Okay, enough testostorone!
Brace yourself...the next post
is going to be filled with so much
girly cuteness I can't even stand it!!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Thanksgiving, The End (I promise!!)

This year we stayed at Aunt Sherry and Uncle Lynn's cabins again, but this time we were in two different ones.  The kids were bummed at first that we wouldn't be all together until they realized that both cabins had indoor pools!  They spent SO much time playing in the pools and it was so fun for them to be able to swim in the middle of winter!   
Let's just say I am very glad the floors
around the pools were waterproof!
The kids liked the "swimspa" that was in Nana and Poppy's cabin more than the in ground pool in our cabin, and I never did get any pictures of them in our pool!
collier enjoyed her birthday present from grannybee!
 my cousin, aaron, let the boys ride
the big bulldozer they have at the site...

on our last day we had a great time at the gatlinburg aquarium!
hardly ANY of my pics at the aquarium turned out at all!

we had such a blast--thank you so much to
nana and poppy for such a fun week!
and be sure and check out
next time you're heading to pigeon forge/gatlinburg!

Thanksgiving Day at the Farm...

Thanksgiving Day was the most beautiful, perfect day...
a great day to be at the farm!!
Eating a delicious lunch and looking at a gorgeous view!
Then the fun really started...
aunt sherry is so gracious to bring out all the toys!

we took turns riding all the BIG toys,
for the kids of course :)
then we walked over to see the horses...
the kids had a stare down with some of the horses...
it is such a beautiful place...
we all loved exploring the barn...
two of their horses are "sweet tea" and "amazing grace"
my cousin, meghan, who LOVES horses
and brightens all of our lives...

aunt sherry, mom, granny, and uncle mike!
 brings me back to the days
when i was obsessed with horses as a little girl :)

back at aunt sherry's house,
the kids had a big time playing hide-n-seek!
poppy joined in on the fun!
my sweet granny with her great-grandchildren!
griffin made this picture to bring to them!
it was the most incredible day...
one of my most favorite thanksgivings ever!