Tuesday, December 7, 2010

fishing, feasts, and fun!

back in october michael took the boys
on a guys' weekend to the beach...


they fished. and fished. and fished. 
and didn't want to come in.
i think that moment may have brought their daddy to tears.


i think this trigger fish looks like a cartoon character...

they came home with a ton of fish for our freezer,
which would be awesome if i liked seafood.
i'm trying to develop a taste for it!
before thanksgiving both of the boys dressed up for a feast at school!
 griffin had to dress like a pilgrim and give his first ever report!

 anderson's class dressed like indians and had a feast!
and, so i don't leave the princess out,
here's a couple pics nana took of her
when she was playing at her house recently...

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