Monday, December 22, 2008

4, 4, 4...

I never do any of these tag things where you have to list all these things about yourself because I'm way too indecisive, but my friend Stacey W. tagged me on this and it seemed easy enough--you go to your fourth picture folder, post the fourth picture, and tell four things about the picture. Then tag four blogger friends to play along! I actually love this picture--it's from back in October. I forgot to post about Griffin learning to ride his bike without training wheels, but this picture shows him in action in our driveway. He learned one weekend when we were at the beach. He loves going down hills and I try not to cringe!

So, I'm going to tag: Kelly Bourland, Mary Michael Conkin, Jessica Mure, and Jessica Parris!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008


Could it be possible that my sweet baby girl has actually been with us for an entire year? It's been a truly wonderful year in so many ways, and I feel like I've really enjoyed her first 12 months of life. I want to remember exactly the way she is right now.......At her one year check up she was in the 75th percentile for length and the 25th percentile for weight. She still just has two teeth on the bottom but you can see four breaking through at one time on top! She's not walking but she stands up in the middle of the room all the time. She says several words but her favorite by far is "uh-oh," which she says over and over as she plays the drop game. She can put away a whole container of blackberries in one sitting like it's nothing--she loves fruit!! She loves her bath--she practically lunges into the tub when I turn on the water, and she arches her back to pitch a fit when I get her out. She loves her daddy--I don't remember the boys being this attached to him this young. She loves her brothers--she thinks they are hysterical and belly laughs at them often. They are so incredibly sweet to her and play with her better than I could have ever imagined. She doesn't love riding in the car, but she is so much easier to shop/run errands with than the boys were--she's actually okay to stay in the stroller/cart! She seems to love people and being center of attention. We usually call her "Colli." She's just been such a happy, even-keeled baby and I've enjoyed every minute I've been blessed to have with her. I meant to post these earlier, but here are some pictures:

enjoying her blackberries...

with Nana...

playing with her brothers...

asleep in the car (this is a rare occasion)...

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Collier's Birthday!!!

The other big event that happened while we were in the mountains was Collier's First Birthday! We started out the day going to breakfast!
The boys had fun with these bear hats at the restaurant gift shop!
They ate Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Pancakes!!! I had never seen those before, but the boys loved them!!
Since we were out of town for her birthday we didn't have an elaborate party, but some of my family came to the cabin and we had a nice little celebration! Her cake:
With Megan and Aunt Sherry

Singing "Happy Birthday!"

Of the three of them, she dug into her birthday cake the most! She just kept shoveling it in until she ate the whole piece!
Not to be outdone, Griffin decided to eat his cake like a one year old...
Opening presents...

I meant to take pictures of all the family, but of course I forgot! Grannybee, Joan, Aunt Sherry, Meghan, and Aaron were all there with Nana and Poppy to help us celebrate!!! I'll post some more fun first year pictures soon!

Friday, December 5, 2008

More Fun in the Mountains...

The day after Thanksgiving we spent the whole day at Dollywood! My sweet Aunt Sherry and Meghan kept Collier for us and Nana, Poppy, Michael, and I got to have a blast with the boys! Anderson's favorite was riding the train, and Griffin loved the old cars (don't have a picture of that)! The weather was great and we all really enjoyed the day!

Nana and Griffin on the Ferris Wheel

The four Boys in front of the train!

Here are the boys with the Train Conductor!

We ate Kettle Korn during the train ride--it was delicious!!!
Griffin has no fear at all...he would've ridden anything!
Mommy and Griffin on the Flying Elephants!

Nana and the boys on the Lemon Twist!Saturday afternoon we went to the Dixie Stampede! I don't have many pictures, but here's one of the boys with one of the cowboys! We had a great time!!!
There was a hole in the ground outside our cabin, so the boys started filling it in with leaves. They spent forever one day just jumping and playing in the leaves, cracking each other up!

Daddy joined in too!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

This year for Thanksgiving, we went to the mountains in Pigeon Forge and stayed in a cabin with Nana and Poppy! We were able to cram in so many fun things and I think everyone had a blast! The only downside was traveling in the car--there was so much traffic it took us close to 8 hours to get there and 10 hours to come home! The boys didn't mind at all because they got to watch so many movies, but poor Collier--I think she thought we'd lost our minds (which I wondered at times too)! At some points on the way home Michael and I were both wearing ear plugs!
On Thanksgiving Day we went to my aunt and uncle's house and spent time with all my family! They live on a farm, so the boys got to go for a ride on four-wheelers, a bulldozer thingy, and a "mule." Of course they have both added "four-wheeler" to what they want for Christmas! I have to apologize in advance for the number of pictures!!!

The five of us! This is their backyard...Gorgeous!!!

Griffin with Aunt Sherry

Aunt Sherry and Collier

The boys riding with Poppy on Meghan's "Maybelline"
Aunt Sherry giving the boys an exciting ride!

Some of the fam doing karaoke--it was a riot!
Don't worry---she didn't ride!

My cousin Aaron giving Anderson a ride on the bulldozer!
And giving Griffin a ride!
Nana and Collier
Swinging with Meghan
Thanks so much, Lynn and Sherry, for having us and for sharing all your toys! Can't wait to do it again!!! I'll post picture from Dollywood and everything else soon!