Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!!

This year we had a Storm Trooper, Superman, and an Angel, and they were cute as they could be! It took a little work getting everyone in their costumes (especially the younger two), but once we got everything on they were super happy and had a great night! After a quick stop at Nana and Poppy's house, we went to Aunt Nanette's house for a little Halloween party with the kids in our neighborhood!

Super-happy Superman! Griffin stayed in character most of the night so he has this mask on in most of our pictures of him. She wasn't quite sure about the halo...

The houses in our neighborhood are sort of spread out, so we had three golf carts going and all the kids just piled on! I kept wanting to initiate some golf cart races but I held back and stuck to trick-or-treating. It's so funny to me how quickly kids pick up on the whole idea of trick or treating. At first Collier didn't know what in the world we were doing, but after the first house she started trying to lunge out of the golf cart before we'd even stopped. She would take off toward the house with her bucket as fast as she could--she has always loved candy so she was pretty fired up about this trick or treating thing. Here are some the kids (with cousin Elise) piling on the golf cart. That's Aunt Nanette riding on the back and Michael driving (don't remember what he was saying but I know he wasn't growling as picture seems to show). Anderson in action...

The mask finally came up so he could be more effective during trick-or-treating!

Collier has a sucker addiction...

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

check this out...

since i've become a mother i've thought more about how mary must've felt when Jesus died for us...i just heard this song by sara evans/brad paisley and wanted to share it...

Friday, October 16, 2009


I love these kids!
One day when I was folding clothes Griffin wanted to help me, so he folded the boys' underwear--he actually did a pretty good job!
The boys made a birthday cake out of playfoam!
Collier is part monkey--she loves to climb things. She always climbs over the edge of this chair.
Half way up she usually calls my name to show me her "pose."

love these pigtails!
Michael took Anderson on a "Daddy trip" to go fishing for a few days! They stayed on a friend's boat, which they thought was a blast, and Anderson really enjoyed his quality time with Daddy.
The Star Wars characters were at Pottery Barn Kids one Saturday, so we stopped by to meet them!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Labor Day!

We went to the beach over Labor Day weekend and took a few pics of the kids on the beach! It was very sunny so there are too many shadows on their faces--all professional photographer friends please overlook it!

Taking pictures of little girls on the beach brings a whole new challenge--her hair was blowing in her face the whole time! I tried to keep brushing it out of the way but most of our pictures of her have her hair in her face! I love this pic of her trying to get it out of the way--what a face!

Michael turned the camera around and took some of Collier and I!

Three blessings from God...

A rare pic of all three smiling!
Collier playing in the sand...
Sweet brothers!

Watching cars...
The boys went out on a long fishing trip with Daddy and had a great time!