Friday, October 16, 2009


I love these kids!
One day when I was folding clothes Griffin wanted to help me, so he folded the boys' underwear--he actually did a pretty good job!
The boys made a birthday cake out of playfoam!
Collier is part monkey--she loves to climb things. She always climbs over the edge of this chair.
Half way up she usually calls my name to show me her "pose."

love these pigtails!
Michael took Anderson on a "Daddy trip" to go fishing for a few days! They stayed on a friend's boat, which they thought was a blast, and Anderson really enjoyed his quality time with Daddy.
The Star Wars characters were at Pottery Barn Kids one Saturday, so we stopped by to meet them!


Allison said...

those are some great star wars characters- i'm sure we'll be there in a few years. i've been missing the pigtails- time to resurrect them!!

Allison said...

btw, did you really put a picture of underwear on your blog? i was just makin sure!!