Saturday, December 8, 2007

A Family of Five...

I can't believe I now have three incredible children! We are adjusting, slowly, and trying to enjoy every minute with this precious new baby girl! I am so smitten by her. She is just the most perfect creature, and I can't believe God has blessed me to be her mommy! The boys have been incredible with her in a way I would have never imagined. They are so in love with her, and we've seen a whole new side to Griffin. My son, who's never been known for gentleness and likes to run around like a wild man all day, now wants nothing more than to hold or sit next to Collier...patting her head, kissing her forehead, telling her secrets, talking to's as if God has already given him a sense of protectiveness over his baby sister. Anderson is constantly kissing her on the head and saying, "She's so cute!" I'm trying to just enjoy their sweet, energetic spirits and be thankful they are so happy to have her be part of our family!

Here I am! I weighed 7 lbs!

Mommy is beyond proud!

My grandparents rushed in to see me!

Meeting Granny and Papa Dave!

Meeting Nana and Poppy!

Daddy thinks I'm an angel! My big brother Griffin...
My big brother Anderson...
Pink, Pink, and More Pink!!

Are you sure we have to leave the hospital??

When Michael asked me to marry him, he gave me three roses...a taller white rose to represent God and the shorter red ones represent us. With each child he's sent me this same arrangement, only now there are 3 smaller roses to represent our three children!!

Home from the hospital!

With my cousin Elise!

My brothers are giddy over me!