Sunday, November 21, 2010


this fall we became a
"two children in sports" family.
michael was the head coach of anderson's team
and the assistant coach on griffin's team.
we were busy.
it was a blast.
i wouldn't change one minute.
griffin's games were really a blast to watch
now that they keep score!

he really progressed and even hit his first home run!
one HUGE blessing is that collier
going to the ballpark.
anderson had such a blast his first season.
he LOVED having daddy as his coach.
and if i could brag on my husband for a minute
he was amazing with those sweet kids!!
we weren't going to let anderson start baseball yet,
but he came to us and really wanted to play.
he enjoyed it so much more than we expected
and we were really happy he got to play!

Friday, November 12, 2010

five years ago...

just over five years ago...
God gave me this beautiful baby boy.
who owned my heart from day one..
so very sweet, loving, sensitive, and emotional.  repeat, emotional.
always a bit mischievous...
...usually covered in dirt...
with a smile that can put me in a good mood any day.
on his big day we celebrated from morning to night!
it just so happened to be grandparent's day at school,
so that morning he got to go to school with Nana, Poppy, and Granny
(Granny was gone when I took this pic).
then we went to lunch at his favorite restaurant
with Nana, Poppy, and Daddy,
and he opened up some birthday presents!
that afternoon Nana and Poppy brought his present over--
a brand new bike!  he was ecstatic!!
that evening we had a fun birthday party at jump zone!
anderson spent most of his time playing hockey...
...with lots of fun friends!
he chose a hot wheel cake...

they really enjoyed it!

it was a super fun time with his friends...
and a great celebration of an awesome FIVE year old boy!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


the annual "front porch" shots before we set out...

my little girl was so excited about being a princess...
this rough n tough cowboy was supposed to be buzz lightyear
(in the costume i was so proud to find at a garage sale)
until he turned into a cowboy the day before... 
i've tried to imagine this uniform in orange...
 we went to par-tay with some friends
where we finally caught up with buzz...
 collier thought it was super exciting to pose with "big girl" belle...

 cute kiddos ready for some candy!
such a fun night!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

pumpkin palooza

isn't that fun to say?
my little anderson buddy just went on his first field trip
and i got to go with him!
he was super excited about his first bus ride!

 with his buddy, jeb
 feeding a goat...
 picking a pumpkin with stephen...
it was a special day with my sweet buddy!
the kids had a big time carving a pumpkin.
i asked them to show me how
they wanted our pumpkin's face to look...

cleaning out the pumpkin was a group effort...
i think it looks just like them...