Wednesday, December 1, 2010

collier and i went with some friends
to see the princesses at the disney on ice show!

 collier and sarah kate
this little gumdrop has given us quite an adventure
the past couple of months
when we had the nerve to take the beloved paci she slept with away.

see? here she is, saying,
"YOU must be crazy!!!"

i thought it would be hard
but it surpassed my expectations.
it's just now getting easier...
not easy, but easier.
we're thankful for baby steps...

i got to bring doughnuts to share with anderson's class on his b-day...
he's been really into writing me "notes." 
he drew an awesome picture of me :)
he's still a tree hugger :)
anderson thought it would be really fun to cut his own hair.
we didn't really think it was fun,
but thankfully hair grows!
griffin is seriously obsessed with football.
when he comes home from school he throws this uniform on
and plays football in the backyard as long as i let him.
he even brings a football to school with him
to play with the other boys when they're outside!

 he knows all the teams in the sec
and loves to watch the games on saturday.
it's like he's grown up overnight!


Allison said...

you guys have been allstars about the haircut- still makes me laugh out loud!! LOVE the "you must be crazy" picture w/ her brother's cowboy boots! And also love the fist pump pic of Griffin- thinking it might be a framer...

Tyler Watson said...

LOVE Collier's Boots = )

Langleys Mom said...

Cute memories! I cut my bangs just like anderson when i was in preschool! Oh, these girls are very strong willed! I don't look forward to taking Langley's blankie-fingers away!

The Baughers said...

What a great post Summer!! Love catching up on all your kiddos!! Hope Collier's still coping okay...sometimes I want to just give Esther hers back! :)