Friday, January 21, 2011

i fell in love with charleston...

do you know what makes me really happy?
escaping for a few days to go on vacation
with the man God blessed me to marry TEN years ago!!!
michael totally surprised me and planned
a getaway for us celebrate our anniversary...
guess where?
he didn't tell me until we were on the road--
when we hit I20 i finally guessed...
it was our first visit, but i SO hope it won't be our last!
 we stayed in an adorable little bed and breakfast
with our innkeeper, judy, whom i loved!
every day she brought us delicious baked goodies,
and i love me some baked goodies.
 (sidenote--my apologies to charleston...
we didn't bring our good camera,
 and these photos don't do you justice!)
she had cute christmas decorations out that were so fun...
the food.
i'm still dreaming about it.
i have never, ever had food as good as what we had in charleston.
this was in front of poogan's porch, one of our favorites.
 inside poogan's porch...
what you can't see is that
i'm sitting right next to a roaring fire place.
roaring fire place + incredible food + my husband = perfection
 our favorite thing to do was ride bikes
(that precious judy had for us)
all over that beautiful city.
 we literally spent hours riding around,
if it didn't say "no trespassing,"
we assumed we were welcome to explore!
 i decided that there must be a green thumb test the residents
have to pass to live there, which would totally rule me out.
but, oh how much i enjoyed the greenery that covers that town!

 this was inside "tellis pharmacy"
that adorable lady behind me, alice tellis, and
her sister have owned it since the 40s.

 i'm not a history buff, but i loved the history of charleston.
this monument was in battery park, and i just love what it says:
"to the glory of God and in abiding memory of
146 valiant young men of the united states navy
who made the supreme sacrifice in the service of our country."
this was another one...
it said "count them happy who for their faith
and their courage endured a great fight"
love that.
our few days in charleston went by waaayyy too fast,
but it was enough time for me to
absolutely fall in love with that town.
beautiful homes, the best restaurants ever,
history, the water, shopping...
what more could you want?
so, so thankful for my sweet husband and the last 10 years!!

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Patty Sisk said...

Congratulations on your first 10 years. Hope the next 10 will be as blessed!