Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Happy Halloween!!!

We had such a busy, fun weekend with Halloween and Anderson's Birthday (pics to come later)! We squeezed in two parties on Halloween night...the first one was at our cousins' house across the street, with all the neighborhood kids! We ate dinner and the kids played around--kids are so cute when they're all playing around dressed up! Then, we headed to our sweet friends the Phillips' to go trick-or-treating with a big group! The boys had a blast running from house to house and both loaded up on more candy than we could eat in a year (it may have to mysteriously begin disappearing before we lose all our teeth)! Griffin has been talking about dressing up like a cowboy for months now, but Anderson had changed his mind several times. We were all set for him to be a train conductor, but as we were getting dressed that night he decided he absolutely had to be a fireman (thankfully we already had the costume from a couple years ago). I hope you all had a great time with your families!!!

The sweetest Cowboy, Fireman, and Ladybug in the whole world!!!

These were some of the neighborhood kids...

Nana stopped by to see the kids in their costumes!

These are the kids from the Phillips' party!

Anderson catching a ride on a very patient fire truck!

Two of Griffin's friends were "cowgirls," so he had fun running around with them!

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Anonymous said...

So sweet! :) Marissa was a ladybug too!