Saturday, November 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Anderson!!!!

My sweet Anderson turned three years old last Saturday! He's been looking forward to his birthday ever since we had Griffin's party in August, and the big day finally arrived! I think he had a great day...we spent the morning as a family and he got to open some presents. We went to lunch at California Pizza Kitchen and both sets of grandparents were able to come--he had pizza and an ice cream sundae that he finished all by himself! That afternoon we had his party with friends! His favorite thing in the whole world is trains, so we had a train come and the kids had a great time going for train rides! We were blessed with perfect weather, great friends, and such a sweet little 3 year old!

He got this fun Thomas sofa to watch his new Thomas movie!

He was SO excited about the train....

...and so was his big brother!

Even the older kids had a great time on the train...our sweet conductor, Ray, made it so much fun!

He got to help "drive" the train...he loved ringing the bell and sounding the horn!

Collier and Daddy!

Anderson with his buddy, Jacob!

Cousin Bryce pushed Collier for a ride!

Mrs. Shanna was an all-star with the cake again!

Blowing out the candles!

We've been telling Anderson he could move into Griffin's room when he turned three, so Saturday was the big night! I've always wanted them to be able to share a room as they grow up, but I was a little nervous about the lack of sleep that might result for all of us. So far, things have gone pretty smoothly, and I think the boys are loving it! The first night we gave them this plaque thingy that Michael and I made: We also gave them some knight dress-up gear (Dollar Tree has tons of it right now):
We talked to them about Prov. 27:17, "As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another," and how they can "sharpen" each other. It's been really neat to see them catch on to may have been a little over Anderson's head, but Griffin has really been talking about opportunities to sharpen each other since. I pray that they will have a "brotherly bond" that will continue throughout their lives, and they will learn to sharpen each other to be more like Christ!


jess said...

happy birthday! i know he had fun. can't believe he's 3...or that our babies are nearly one!! thanks for the encouragement, too, about boys sharing a room. that is a great reminder of how to encourage my boys.

Allison said...

fun pictures! I love the ones of the boys! the "plaque thingy" is great- good job!!

Amanda said...

Sounds like a fun b'day! Love the boys' bedding too. And Shanna did an incredible job w/ that cake!