Sunday, November 9, 2008

11 Months!!!!

Could it really be possible that she's about to be a year old? I think someone stole about 6 months one night when I was sleeping. She is into everything right now...she pulls up on anything she can find and cruises a little bit--no steps yet! She still just has 2 little teeth, but continues to be the best eater of the three of them!

She LOVES her daddy!
This is what I see when I come to get her up in the morning...she is so excited! Someone with a girl help me out on this one--it seems uncomfortable to make her sleep in a bow, but if I don't, this is what she looks like!
I had to take this picture...she constantly crawls over to me and pulls up on my legs...when you're looking down at this sweet face, how can you not pick her up?

Before my Tennessee friends and family disown me, let me explain the AL cheerleading outfit....have no fear, Collier's blood runs orange, but she does love her daddy so she wore this on Saturday to show her support!


jessica said...

Awww so cute! I can't believe she is almost 1! We have had the same hair struggle too and even worse because Annie wouldn't keep a bow in her hair when she was little. I was determined to grow out her baby bangs which happened quicker than i thought.

Patty Sisk said...

You could cut her some bangs . . . like I did you!

chilly said...

Thanks for visiting today and for leaving the sweet comment on

Allison said...

I'm not so sure about this AL cheerleading outfit- does she have an orange one?
she is adorable! we love you collier!

libbysmom said...

I guess I can't get mad about the AL cheerleading outfit, since Libby has a horrible Auburn one. I think we need to get them some UT ones, maybe that would help us out somehow.
She is absoutely a doll!

Amanda said...

She is just about the cutest thing ever!! About the hair, I just dealt/still deal with the bedhead in the morning. You could cut her bangs if you wanted, but then bows aren't as cute, in my opinion!

th77hunter said...

Collier is such a beautiful little girl! Those blue out boys or should I say daddy!