Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Labor Day at the beach, and oh what fun it is to take a family picture of the five of us....

Over Labor Day we went to the beach with 2 other couples...we had 8 kids in one house, and Griffin was the oldest at barely five (9 kids if you count the one in Stacey's tummy)! Can you imagine the chaos? Collier was the only seven boys in one house is even funnier! I really meant to take a picture of all 8 of them together, but it just never happened--we were just happy to keep all of them fed and safe! The kids had a blast!!!

The boys with Charlie and Collin!
Stacey made us an "O'Neal Family Fun" box--it had a great book with family activities centered around verses from the Bible, as well as some of the materials you need to do some of the activities! She is so creative--we're so excited about it!!!
The Smith Family!
The Meagher Family!

Okay, there are many, many things I'm sure I'll one day miss when my sweet children are older, but trying to take a family picture with 3 little ones will not be one of them. We tried hard this time, but didn't get ANY with all five of us looking at the camera, with eyes open and smiling! I keep trying, thinking one has to surely turn out right, but so far no luck! Michael and I end up sweating and irritable by the end every time...please oh please tell me it gets easier when they get a little older!!!!

This last one makes me laugh out loud when I look at it, because I can just hear Michael and I yelling, "KISS YOUR SISTER! KISS YOUR SISTER RIGHT NOW OR I'M GOING TO SPANK YOU!!!!!"


Amanda said...

I think you got some pretty great pics. The latest family pic we had was at AC's party, and it was awful. I love the "kiss your sister or I'm going to spank you" line! Hilarious! Ray's the one in our family who can't take the family picture heat...after about 3 tries he's done!

Amanda said...

They are perfect...the ones that aren't exactly what you think you want are the ones that you will treasure in the future! Every sly look, avoiding the camera, silly grin...those are the ones that capture your kids' as they were that day. Love them!! We did that in Hilton Head 2 years ago with my parents, brother's family and us so there were 3 kids at the time...4 1/2, 12 mos and 8 mos...our favorites now are the ones where the kids are just being themselves!

stacey said...

That's hilarious!! I love the last comment. So typical!! It looks great though! I think the pictures are great. What beach were you at, the water is so blue!?!?

jess said...

i'm laughing out loud! that is hilarious. i really think you look gorgeous and they are great pics that capture personalities. it's so hard to get posed beach pics. bribing, sweating and cussing (hopefully in my head, only) is nearly always involved...and i'm a PHOTOGRAPHER!

Anonymous said...

there is no such thing as a "bad" picture with that cute family! At least you look perfect in each photo (isn't that what matters?) And thanks for posting the picture of the whale in a sweater...NICE!