Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Fun, fun, and more fun!

Last week was such a fun week! One day I got to go to Griffin's class to read Clifford (they were studying the letter "C")--we made dog bones out of peanut butter, dry milk, and honey...they each formed their own, and it was so much fun!
He had already flattened his dog bone and started eating it!
Such a sweet class! It was a treat for me to get to spend time with them!
One day while Griffin was at school, we had some of Anderson's buddies over to play. They made homemade bath paint--super easy and fun! My precious buddy was the only one to dump some of his on the ground, try out the taste of the soap, and put his hands in the food coloring. Craft time at its finest!

If you look closely in this picture you can see the bubbles on his lips!
He was Mr. Blue Hands for the entire day!
They had a great time in the bath tub that night!!
Another very exciting treat for the week was when Griffin got to bring home "Proud Lion." He was beaming when I picked him up and so proud of himself! He had a great time with "Proud," as he nicknamed him, making a home for him, sleeping with him, etc. Hopefully Proud can come spend the night again sometime!


jess said...

my boys love bath paint!
and mrs. b sounds like a great teacher!

Anonymous said...

You'll have to email me the "recipe" to make the home made bath paint! Marissa would love that! :) Hope all is well w/ you... The boys are super sweet as always!


Allison said...

you do have to look closely to see those bubbles! we had a great time!! thanks for being so creative!

Amanda said...

The bath paint sounds fun! Maybe we'll try that when AC gets a little older.