Saturday, September 27, 2008

A few random ideas....

Several of you asked me for the recipe for the bath paint, so here's the directions on family fun--it's so easy! Also, here's another random tip I wanted to pass along. A friend of mine gave me the idea to mix formula with rice cereal (I know it says that's an option on the package but I never did it the first 2 times). I decided to use that this time around instead of water or breastmilk, and now that I've just weaned Collier from a feeding it's been so much easier! She's already used to the taste of the formula, so it's been super easy to start the transition!! I wish I'd thought of that with the boys! Okay, one more thing...I've always been REALLY bad about writing down all the funny things the boys say. I got an idea from Family Fun a couple months ago that's been pretty good--I bought a spiral journal for each of the kids that I keep by my bed. At the top of the page I write the month, and then through that month I can just jot down some things I want to remember about the kids. Sometimes I still forget, but it's definitely helped me keep track of things better than before!

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