Monday, September 8, 2008

Anderson Starts MDO!!!

Anderson started MDO last week! He was really looking forward to it since Griffin has already been in school for a couple weeks. It has been fun to have more time to spend with him, but I think he was glad to be able to play with some friends. He's going two days a week this year, and so far he's off to a great start!
His class had a "teddy bear picnic" the first day, so he got to bring his favorite stuffed animal!

His wonderful teachers, Mrs. Jennie and Mrs. Mikelyn

Here are a couple other pictures from the past couple weeks:

The boys love wearing their cowboy is Anderson telling Griffin to "Stick 'em up!"


Amanda said...

Love the pic of them in the coordinating green & blue outfits...did you plan that, or did they just all happened to have things in that color?

Sarah said...

Did you cry when he was walking away with his little teddy??