Thursday, August 19, 2010

we really enjoyed our carefree days of summer...
griffin scored the winning goal in the world cup
(or maybe it was just soccer camp,
but he celebrated like it was the world cup)
anderson found trees to climb...
collier began talking our ears off and grew up before our eyes...
griffin spent his first night away from home at camp briarwood.
i shed a few tears looking at my baby's bag all packed,
complete with the giraffe he's had all 7 years of his life.
apparently giraffe never made it out of the bag
and my big boy had an absolute blast.
we had a great time at the zoo with friends...
...and discovered the "foam zone"
anderson spent hours digging in our dirt pit....
...and apparently had so much fun he was unable to stop even for necessities.
getting clean was as much fun as getting dirty.
we found 101 ways to play in water in an effort to avoid
a massive heat stroke.
it was a fun summer.
it was full of laughter, travel, and time
with the most incredible gifts in my life.
it was certainly not perfect,
and i was certainly not the perfect mother.
but, i'm more and more aware of how amazingly blessed i am.
yet another post that has rocked my world
and forced me to recognize how even
the worst day in my life is better
than the best day for many.

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Allison said...

I think you left out a few details from the foam zone that might make a good post! Love the world cup!! when you have a minute, will you send me some of the foam pics of mine!