Tuesday, August 3, 2010

benjamin update

i had some people ask me for an update on benjamin's court date...which means you remembered and hopefully prayed--so thank you!!!  they have heard that it went very well and that there were no problems at all, but by law the judge can't give the final ruling for a minimum of 10 days.  so, we're praying that in 10 days the judge will give the final ruling (as opposed to dragging on for months)!  i'll keep you posted!!  thanks SO much for praying!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hiya Summer! I saw your name on that precious white twin bed you have on hold in Cahaba Heights today...it made me smile. Hope all is well. We were in Destin a couple of weeks ago and I thought of you while eating at a restaurant across from where it looks like from your pictures that you guys play on your boat.

I feel like such a spy!

Talk soon...Sally Hodgens