Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Summer Fun, Fun, Fun!

Griffin went to VBS a few weeks ago, and their mission offering was going toward Trans World Radio to provide radios to people in Cambodia to hear gospel messages. We had a lemonade stand one afternoon to raise some money to send in, and the kids had so much fun!! Bryce and Elise came over to help, and Nana and Poppy were our first customers! Griffin told every single car that stopped that we were raising money for poor kids to have radios and hear about Jesus. The kids ended up making $45 to bring into VBS, and it really was a great experience for all of us! That night at dinner I guess Griffin was trying to grasp how much money $45 is, because he said, "Mommy, is that enough to buy a boat with a tower on top?" (meaning a real one--oh my). Btw--the really cute lemonade stand was borrowed from my friend Shanna--she got it from a craft store.

A few weeks ago (before the heat factor was pushing 100 degrees here), the boys were literally staying outside for hours at a time. It's so fun to watch them play! One day when Griffin was at VBS we had a couple friends over to play in the pools in our backyard. The kids had such a blast!!
My sweet Anderson resting for a milli-second!
Anderson and Jacob ran and jumped into the pool about 1000 times!
I love this picture--Anderson and Jacob jumping in, and sweet little Nathan and Collier doing their best just to stretch their legs over the side to climb in!
Stopping for a snack--that's my delicate little girl covered in mud--and she didn't care at all!

Collier loved the hose!
Fowler and Collier in the "calmer" pool!
Collier loves getting a ride in the jeep from her big brothers...I'm afraid to think about how this scene will repeat itself in about 11 years--scary!!!

Griffin LOVES riding his scooter!!

I hope you all are enjoying summer as much as we are!

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Allison said...

we had a blast!! next time, we'll host w/water slides!! you got some great actions shots!!