Sunday, September 12, 2010

first day times three

we've had a super busy month over here getting back to school!
anderson started k4, which means he gets to go to the same school as griffin now, and he LOVES riding with daddy in the morning and walking in with griffin!
he has a precious teacher and is off to a fantastic start...
i never thought he would love it this much!!
griffin started FIRST was painful just to type that.
thankfully he has a precious teacher that
has made it somewhat acceptable.
collier and i made the boys a very sloppy
 looking pencil cake to celebrate their start...
thankfully they haven't seen cake boss.
collier started mdo last week...
she got to bring in two little friends for a picnic on the first day...
two mornings each week she will get loved on by these sweet ladies--
the same precious teachers the boys had at this age...
she walked in and saw these baby dolls and never looked back...
she celebrated her fun first day with a
huge cookie that made her a wee bit happy!
i didn't think i was ready for school to start.
but the routine is not so bad after all,
and the troops couldn't be happier!
guess i'll have to force myself to enjoy
a little more alone time :)

1 comment:

Allison said...

your cake is precious- you don't give yourself enough credit. And it's a good thing you have friends who peer pressure you into cookies cause that was one happy girl!!