Thursday, May 6, 2010


I just want to throw out a disclaimer before I share this:  I in no way mean to portray on this blog that I am a perfect mother that is always doing creative, spiritual activities with my kids.  I really am not very creative and don't do many cute things with my kids, but I just blog about the things I do...mainly because I love getting ideas from everyone else's blogs! 
Okay, so last year I found some adorable Cinco de Mayo decorations at the Dollar Store, so I thought it would be fun to have a little family Cinco de Mayo party! 
We decorated the kitchen with our dollar decorations and each wore a very goofy looking sombrero--may I just say that I think it's hard not to have fun when everyone you're sitting with is wearing a sombrero--people in Mexico totally had a great idea with that one!
We had a fiesta (party) with arroz (rice), maiz (corn), papitas (chips), queso (cheese dip), and quesadillas (quesadillas). 
It was fun hearing all of us attempt to use the Spanish words throughout the meal! 
While we were eating I read some info about Mexico that I found on (great website for praying for other countries).  Here's some of the stuff I found:
18 million people live in poverty in Mexico City - one of the biggest and most polluted cities in the world. 7 million live in filthy housing as squatters. As many as 600,000 children sleep on the streets each night.
I haven't been able to get that number out of my mind....600,000 precious children just like mine will be sleeping in the street tonight.  And tomorrow night.  And the next.  It's heartbreaking. 
We spent some time praying for the people in Mexico and these precious children.  Our little fiesta was both fun and meaningful for us...think I might make it a tradition!


Allison said...

the picture of them all sitting in their sombreros made me laugh out loud! Such a fun idea! Love the new table, by the way!!

The Baughers said...

How fun!! Thank you for sharing-we may have to try this next year! And it was great to see you and your precious kids at the park!