Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thanksgiving, Part One

We had an absolute blast the week of Thanksgiving this year! We went back to the mountains with my parents and stayed in a cabin from my aunt and uncle's cabin development--Smoky Cove. We adjusted our travel days this year and avoided the traffic, and Collier did MUCH better in the car--I didn't say perfect, but definitely better. The cabin was SO MUCH FUN!!! My aunt has great taste and I loved seeing how she decorated everything. The cabin has a foosball table, air hockey, pool table, and arcade game with every game you could imagine! The boys loved it--actually, we all loved it! Another super fun feature (Michael's favorite) was the huge projection tv in the bottom floor--it was like our own little movie theater! The boys watched a couple movies on it AND we got to watch the Auburn/Alabama game there--the players were life size! So, before I begin my massive amount of pictures, let me refer you to if you ever take a trip to the Smoky Mountains (we stayed in Big Bear)! It's just about five minutes from Pigeon Forge--so gorgeous and so much to do!! Speaking of so much to do, I realize that most of you don't want to see a million pictures of my kids, but since this is like my online scrapbook and my family wants to see them, this post is packed with pictures. So, feel free to scroll fast!
Our first day we did the Jurassic Boat Ride!

Then we went to The Track! The kids loved the little kiddie rides like this rocking boat!

Poppy and Griffin went head to head with Anderson and I on the go-karts!
I was doing my best to pass them, and Poppy finally "let" us near the end.

Then we headed to what the boys referred to as the "baby go karts" where they got to ride by themselves--which they did over and over!!! This was one of their favorite things from the whole week!
Unfortunately, Collier wasn't big enough to ride any of the go-karts, and she kept saying, "Ina ride!" She did cheer them on from the side...

After our fun at the track Mom and I headed back to the cabin with Collier to start working on food for Thanksgiving, and the boys went up to Gatlinburg and rode the chair lift, the tram, and went on a hike!
That's Poppy and Griffin up ahead...
Such a fun day!!!

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Allison said...

SO cute! Looks like ya'll had a great time. I love the pics of them in the boat. Those are some happy kiddos!