Friday, December 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Collier!

We had a little birthday party for Collier to celebrate her turning two! The party was a Noah's Ark theme--she loves animals and since she's two it seemed appropriate! Monkeys are her favorite and she loved her little monkey outfit.
The kids each had little animal masks to wear and they decorated arks with some animal stickers!
I didn't know if Collier understood what a birthday meant, but that morning I went to get her out of bed and sang Happy Birthday to her, and she said, "I want cukcake!" She loves "cukcakes" so we got her a big cake in the shape of a cupcake. She has a major sweet tooth, and she wasn't about to let a fork slow her down!

The Jackson clan...
Sarah Kate and Brian
Jacob and James
One of her friends gave her this little tutu that plays music when you move--she likes to twirl in it!

So excited for some baby bottles!


jessica said...

I am totally stealing this idea for Lily Kate's 2nd b-day! SO CUTE! And i love the face in the cupcake picture. Hilarious!

Langleys Mom said...

Love, love, love the party idea and sweet collier in her monkey outfit!

Allison said...

wonder where she got that sweet tooth? That picture is precious!! Sorry we had to miss the fun...