Saturday, August 23, 2008

Birthday Week!

Michael's and Griffin's birthdays are one day apart, which makes for an exciting week in our house! They both had really fun days...

For Michael's birthday we met for lunch at Baha Burger:
with her beloved spoon!(not a great picture but the only one i took of the three of them at lunch)

For dinner we stayed at home and Nana, Poppy, and Grannybee came over:
Daddy had some help opening his presents
Collier with Nana and Grannybee

Griffin's birthday started out with his favorite breakfast, chocolate chip pancakes! Daddy took him to school, and Mommy and Anderson made an appearance to bring some cupcakes he made for his class!
After school we went to lunch with some of his buddies, Joshua and Andrew (forgot my camera for that one). He picked Cici's Pizza for dinner (he loves the chocolate pizza--so my son!):
After dinner we came home and he opened his presents, which he thoroughly enjoyed...
He has been wanting some cowboy gear for a long time!
He picked this pirate ship out himself!
Our resident cowboy superhero, Anderson!
Anderson has really enjoyed Griffin's presents as much as Griffin has!
This EzyRoller is a fun new gift!

Granny and Papa Dave also took Griffin to Wal-Mart to pick out a new bike last weekend, which he has been riding everyday! He had a wonderful birthday, and I just can't believe he's now 5 years old!!!

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