Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Happy July 4th!!

We went to Granny and Papa Dave's house at Lake Martin for a couple days and had a super fun time! Nana and Poppy and Aunt Bonnye and Uncle Tom came over for awhile too to make the day even more fun! We came back Saturday night and finished off the weekend with a restful time at home! I hope you all had a great July 4th!! Griffin keeps changing and becoming more like a "big boy" everyday! This weekend he started diving off the dock and riding in the kayak by himself! Not sure I'm ready for my four-year-old to be so independent!
After he got the hang of steering the kayak he invited Anderson to join him for a cruise...
At the end of the weekend both the boys listed "watching Daddy ski" as one of their favorite things...it's so neat watching your little boys be so in love with their Daddy!
Anderson has loved dogs since he was a tiny baby...he loved sitting with Sandy!
Michael and his Mini-me!


Anonymous said...

Love the new pics and the song!


Allison said...

Griffin is definitely going to excell in the outdoor water sports- 4 in his own kyak? how come you didn't call C your mini-me?