Tuesday, July 1, 2008

7 Months!!!

Nana (my mom) has been super crafty lately!
She made this adorable tutu ....
...and this precious little dress! Thank you, Nana!
We absolutely love them!!!

Collier with Crafty Nana

Mommy and Collier

This picture just cracks me up...one morning I ran out to a nearby garage sale for a minute and left Michael to feed the kids breakfast. When I came home Collier had baby food all over her--even in her eyebrows! I had to take a picture! I'm not complaining though--the kids were happy and I had a minute out of the house!!!


Mary Michael Conkin said...

Your mom is really talented. Has she always been a seamstress? Collier is so cute and getting so big!

jessica said...

love the pictures and love the painting in Collier's room. Did someone paint that for you? we are still hoping to be your neighbors!

Anonymous said...

Summer--your mom is so sweet and terribly crafty! I remember her making one of your spring dance dresses... :) I need a Nana! You look beautiful in the pic w/ Collier! So skinny! I love the messy eating pics, too! I just took one of Marissa the other day!