Monday, October 4, 2010

He is home!  I am beyond thrilled to introduce my new nephew!
He is precious and happy and I fell in love with him instantly!
My three pumpkins COULD NOT WAIT to meet their new cousin!
We brought him some goodies...
Notice how many hands are in his face...
can you say overstimulation? 
he was really good with the puzzle!
griffin brought him one of his favorite trucks
and drew a picture of him (with a sunflower) on their driveway.
he was so sweet to him!
benjamin with his mommy!
he is already attached to nanette and can say "mama"
benjamin and his baba (Chinese for daddy)
he loves balls!
michael already got him to say "uncle O!"
i just want to shout praise to the Lord for this precious life
and for allowing us the opportunity to love him! 
i feel so grateful! 
i didn't want to overwhelm him too much
with my big camera in his face,
but i'll be back soon with more!


Allison said...

these make me teary eyed- such a precious picture of what the Lord did for us and how He feels about us times 1000!! He is adorable!

Ketcham Family said...

so sweet!