Saturday, April 3, 2010

three tall trees

Have you read the children's book, The Tale of Three Trees?  It's been one of my FAVORITE books for years now, and I was thrilled to see the Kindergarteners at Griffin's school perform this story.  He looked so sweet up there in his little tree costume! 
After the program was over we went to his room to wait for him to come back, and he was so proud and excited to see us!
Nana and Poppy came to see him too!
with a few fellow trees...
I also got to go to Anderson's class for their Easter Egg Hunt!
trying to balance the egg for an egg race!
We've also been enjoying playing outside in this WARM weather!!!
Griffin enjoyed putting Collier in some of his baseball gear (Anderson isn't angry--he's chewing something but wanted to jump in the picture). 

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Allison said...

that is a GREAT picture of the boys- I'll have to get a copy!!