Saturday, March 13, 2010

This is a happy girl--I know because she tells me.  A lot.  And each time she says, "Mommy!"  And I say, "Yes, baby?"  And she says, "I'm happy!"  I want to kiss her pink little cheeks and make her understand that she couldn't possibly be as happy as she makes me.  I'm so thankful for the joyful, smiley, delightful spirit the Lord has given her. 
She has become obsessed with pink!  She wants everything to be pink--her clothes, her socks, her bow, her ponytail holders--everything!  In this picture I had to sneak a green bow on...She always has a strong opinion about what she wants to wear, and it usually includes tights and a dress.  It's actually comical when I take her to Wal-Mart in my sweats and she's all dressed up! 
Anderson just had an Art Show at his school and he was SO excited to show us around.  He even took us on a tour to the gym!
Nana and Poppy came to see his works of art :)
Griffin was really proud of his brother!
Anderson with his friend, Hudson, from his class.
Another fun picture with Ms. Tracy!

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