Wednesday, January 13, 2010

It's been over a month now since my {not so} baby girl turned two, but with all the Christmas fun I've neglected to devote a post to her big milestone.
I really want to remember exactly how she is right now {well, most of it}. She is still super spunky and fun--a total mix of a girlie girl and a girl who spends almost all of her time with two older brothers, girl.

She loves baby dolls, puzzles, and play dough. She's constantly saying, "Tank you, Mama!" and "Sowwy, Mama!" and "Ecuse me, Mama!"--I just love her little manners. She loves animals and asks to go to the "Woo" all the time, but unfortunately I keep having to explain that it's way too cold {for mommy} to even think about going to the zoo right now. I did take her on a rare warmer day a couple weeks ago, and now when she sees the outfit she wore that day she thinks we're going back to the zoo--Michael says only a girl would remember what she wore that day :)

She can melt her daddy's heart.
She still loves her bath and has even started putting her face in the water some. She has a strong mind of her own and has mastered the use of the word, "NO!" Sometimes I refer to her as "Miss Independent" because she insists on doing everything herself. She gets excited and trots/skips around.She's started singing a lot--her favorite is "Jesus Loves Me." She doesn't get all the words, but she just substitutes the word "apple" for the ones she doesn't know.
I'm a little embarrassed to admit that one of her favorite phrases right now is, "Whoa, Dude!" It makes me laugh every time.
She goes to Mother's Day Out one day a week, and she really loves it! She gets very excited to play with the baby dolls there. One day I came to pick her up and her diaper had leaked so they put her in a pair of gym shorts they had at the school. She was stylin' with her red shoes!
She is a joyful, delightful bundle of fun that blesses our lives each and every day.


Patty Sisk said...

OMG! She is almost too cute!

jess said...

that picture of her with her hair wet is so stinkin' cute...well, they all are really!

meade is doing the same things, except he says, "oh cool!" instead of whoa dude :) and he's constantly doing the "Ank you, Mommy" and "Sorry, Mommy" thing too.

Glad to see she's still in her crib like us! I think w/ this last one it's going to be even harder to put the crib away. I can't even think about it!!!

Allison said...

I love the picture of her bathing her baby doll. And her hair in a ponytail is super cute!!

Langleys Mom said...

loved getting to know little collier better!! she is so funny and cute just like her momma. :D

Tyler Watson said...

The Top picture of Collier is the absolute cutest pic I have ever seen! She is such a doll!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Woo Hoo! Look at me...finally leaving a comment! You would know it would be about my love, Collier! Too cute to go "un-commented" about!