Saturday, August 1, 2009

Disney Day Three!!

Our third day was one of our favorites--we spent the morning at Magic Kingdom! We planned two days at the Magic Kingdom, so the first day we went to Fantasyland, Toontown, and Tomorrowland. We loved all the rides in Fantasyland and the Philharmagic 3D show--that was the boys first time to see a 3D movie and Griffin was standing up trying to grab the things jumping off the screen! The Dumbo ride is super popular and the lines are usually long, so we were going to try to talk the boys into skipping it. As we were walking along, one of the cast members stopped to talk to us and ended up giving us a pass to go to the front of any ride that day! So, we went to the front of the line and rode Dumbo! We were so thankful God gave us that blessing!

(sadly this is the only pic i have of the boys in front of the castle, and my camera messed up!)
The boys favorite ride of the day was Goofy's Barnstormer Roller Coaster in Toontown! We rode it twice!!
Visiting Mickey's house...
...and Donald's Boat!
We also loved Tomorrowland's Indy Speedway where the boys got to drive the racecars! Griffin was very focused...
Anderson and I laughed the whole time!

That night we went to a really fun dinner at the Wilderness Lodge. We met some of our dear friends who used to live in Birmingham, the Meaghers, and their three boys. They all had a blast together! They had a table full of Lincoln Logs when you first walk in and hobby horse races a few times during our meal!

Anderson and Collin...

The servers are dressed like cowboys and they are really funny--when you want ketchup you yell loud throughout the restaurant, "DOES ANYONE HAVE ANY KETCHUP?" Then, a bunch of people from the other tables bring you their bottles and you end up with a ton on your table. Then when the other tables needed ketchup they would yell and the boys would bring them ketchup--they LOVED it!
Collin, Griffin, Charlie, and Anderson!
After dinner we took the ferry from the hotel over to the Wilderness Campground for a campfire/singalong/outdoor movie with Chip and Dale (it's all free)! It was a little complicated trying to find it, but all the boys had a great time running around!
Charlie, Anderson, and Griffin with Chip!

They got a few stickers :)

What a great day!!!

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Allison said...

it's so fun that we went to the exact same place but did such different things and had such different trips (i guess princesses change a disney trip?) I loved seeing all your fun boy ideas and look forward to doing some of them when N gets old enough to go!