Monday, January 26, 2009

Highs and Lows

Anderson goes through stages of being very mischievious (I should say more mischievious than usual), and last week was one of those weeks. This time, however, he has several battle wounds as evidence. On Monday I found him in my bathroom with my foundation make up all over his face (and the counter)--no battle wounds from that one except a sore hiney. That was messy, but then it got worse. He got a bad black eye that swelled up really bad and then bruised. And then, as the grande finale he climbed up a piece of exercise equipment and fell off onto a steel beam. He came walking down the stairs with blood all over--his head, face, arms, legs--everything. He had literally busted his forehead open--it was scary. We went to Children's and they stitched him up and amazingly, he didn't even cry! I think he enjoyed the attention--on the way home he said, "Mommy, I feel absolutely wonderful!" And here I was hoping he'd learned a lesson!
On another note, since we moved Anderson and Griffin into the same room, I've been slowly turning Anderson's old room into a playroom. I came up with a cheap, easy wall decoration for the wall that I thought I'd share...I just took each of their first three birthday party invitations and framed them on top of a piece of scrapbook paper that has to do with the party (i.e. water paper for the swimming party, grass for the park party, etc). The frames were $3.00 each at Wal-Mart. The boys love it, and it's a fun way to remember their parties! I've got the frames for Collier's second and third parties to finish the whole thing off as they come.
This last pic just shows Collier's favorite activity--playing in the dishwasher. Maybe it's the third child, but this time around, when I'm trying to cook dinner I just say, "Have at it!"


jess said...

that is the CUTEST idea i've seen in a while...if only i could find all their invitations i might do it myself :)

Allison said...

love the framed invitation, idea! i have a post of nathan playing in the dishwasher, too (and jacob for that matter!)good way to pass the time!!!

Amanda said...

Is this what I'm in for having a boy?!?! Love the invitation idea...unfortunately, all of mine have gone in a scrapbook thus far.