Thursday, September 6, 2007

Thank the Lord for movies!!!

This morning as we were finishing up breakfast, Griffin suddenly asked, "Mommy, how did the baby get in your tummy, there's no door?" And of course I replied, "Well, buddy, God put her there." I could see his little mind working, and he said, "But how did God put her there?" And of course I replied, "Do you want to watch a movie?" Ah, yes, parenting at its best!


Amanda said...

I love it! That is hysterical! Way to use distraction!!

lauren said...

you should have said, "ask your dad."

jess said...

"there's no door!" i love it ;)

i hope the movie wasn't the miracle of life!

hope your test goes well. i failed w/ g and had to do the 4 hr, too...but this time i passed w/ flying colors. maybe the 3rd time is the trick???